The gasoline can is usually designed as a long "box" connected between the fuel tank and the engine intake manifold. The "box" is equipped with air intake and exhaust ports, which are usually designed on the same side. Two or three cavities are designed inside the carbon canister to increase the passage of oil and gas to achieve better adsorption and desorption efficiency. The cavity is filled with granular activated carbon made by a special process, which is particularly suitable for adsorbing oil and gas molecules. The intake port of the carbon canister is connected to the pipeline from the fuel tank, and the exhaust port is connected to the engine intake manifold with a solenoid valve.

Grille Trims can choose some accessories that are more distinctive, beautiful and applicable according to their own interests. For example, the nasal spray bottle that insists on the refreshing air in the car, the tissue box for holding paper towels, and the headrest cover are all very practical accessories. Being more beautiful also makes it more convenient to use a car, and life with a car is more comfortable. The purchase of car accessories should also follow the applicable principles.

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