How to Maintain the Headlight Cover?

June 20,2022

As we all know, automobile headlamp covers are generally made of plastic, because this material is very solid and has high definition. Therefore, automobile manufacturers will stick a plastic protective film to maintain the headlamp cover in this way. However, even in this way, the headlamp cover will still turn white or even yellow, which not only affects the beauty of the car body, but also brings more or less trouble to driving, If this happens to the lamp cover, most car owners will choose to replace the headlights. Of course, the replacement is effective, but it costs some money. In fact, it can also teach people a way to save money.


What Is the Role of Anti-Roll Bar on the Car

June 07,2022

We can often see from racing cars and some professional off-road vehicles they are equipped with anti-roll bar, do you know the significance of anti-roll bar installation and its installation requirements? Roll cage is a protective equipment to strengthen the overall strength of the car, can protect the car in the event of a rollover and collision the safety of the members of the car.


How to Maintain Auto Parts?

May 27,2022

The above describes the relevant contents of auto parts. Let's take a look at how to maintain auto parts.


Everything You Need to Know about Fenders

May 16,2022

Fenders can effectively protect the body, protect the body surface scratches phenomenon, fenders can car fenders as a functional role of car body protection, fenders used on can well protect the body of your car, in the rain to reduce mud splash, can reduce the road debris due to wheel crushing and flying out of the car damage , no fender, stone mud noise, there is a certain damage to the car.


Common Problems of Car Footrest

April 28,2022

For car owners, car mats are something they must touch when driving every day. It directly affects the driving experience. Whether it's making a clucking sound when the steering wheel rotates or jamming the accelerator and brake, they have to tidy up with their feet every time. It's very upset. Worse, the smell of formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful gases emitted by poor-quality mats will also annoy people and damage their health.


Gasoline Tank: a Safe and Reliable Fuel Storage Tool

April 15,2022

Although not the most charming equipment you have ever bought, high-quality and safe gasoline tanks are an integral part of your garage, tool shed, or workshop. Many people store gasoline tanks in their cars or garages in case of emergency, or reserve gasoline for lawn equipment, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, etc.


How to Check Headlights in Daily Life

March 17,2022

Bright lights are an important guarantee for the driver's driving safety. Under normal circumstances, many car owners only pay attention to the tires, batteries, brakes and other components during the normal use of the car, but neglect the care of the lights. In fact, you should also pay attention to the lights from time to time, which is conducive to driving safety.


What To Do If The Interior Of The Car Taillight Cover Is Blurred

February 26,2022

If you have the plan for tail light cover replacement, you can find a nice one in Kaqidun, it is committed to providing accessories for different brands of cars, you can find quality accessories here.