As the name suggests, the car mudguard is the role of mud guard. It is installed behind the four tires of the car. It is usually made of high-quality rubber material, and some engineering plastics are also used. The slim wheel fender can effectively prevent muddy water from splashing on the car body and dirty clothes when passengers get on and off the door.

If the slim wheel fender is not installed, then when the car is running, it happens to be rainy, especially the rear tires, like a water pump, splashing water droplets, causing inconvenience to other pedestrians on the road.

The curved guard plate on the tire is called the wheel arch cover, which is used to prevent the wheels from throwing muddy water into the engine compartment when it rains.

The wheel arches are basically made of some composite materials. The wheel arches of some luxury cars have been specially designed to absorb tires.

The noise caused by rolling can improve the quietness of the car.

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