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The soft folding tonneau cover requires good rigidity. The structure is basically the same as that of the engine cover. It also has an outer plate and an inner plate, and the inner plate has stiffeners. Some cars called "two and a half" cars have their trunks extending upwards, including the rear windshield, which increases the opening area and forms a door, so it is also called a back door, which maintains a kind of sedan The shape is convenient for storing items.

If a back door is used, the inner panel of the back door should be embedded with a rafter seal, which is surrounded by a circle to prevent water and dust. The support for opening the trunk lid generally uses a hook-shaped hinge and a four-link hinge. The hinge is equipped with a balance spring to save effort for opening and closing the trunk lid, and can be automatically fixed in the open position for easy retrieval of items.

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