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Injection Sun visor/window visor: The car sun visor is a board installed above the driver to prevent glare from the sun. It can be turned over when in use. It can be turned over when not in use. The material is plastic, EPP, PU foam, cardboard, etc. It can be divided into three types: front gear, side gear and rear gear.

With the continuous improvement of customers' requirements for sun visors, materials: plastic, EPP, PU foam, cardboard, etc., multi-functional sun visors, some with lights, and some with mirrors. Traditional sun visors can no longer meet the needs of customers. Although traditional car sun visors can block sunlight, they occupy most of the driver's field of vision. With the development of science and technology, a kind of car LCD sun visor has appeared, which can block the sun's rays without blocking the line of sight.

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