Hot sell Injection Sun visor window shield for toyota hilux revo 2016

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Benefits of Sun Visor


Have you ever experienced that entering a car parked in an open-air parking lot at noon in the scorching sun? If you have, you must know the feeling is so terrible, just like being baked in an oven. Thus, the sun visor is really a savior for drivers in summer. Of course, sun visor have more other benefits except blocking sunlight.


Lower the interior temperature

Blocking and reflecting the sun helps lower the buildup of heat inside your car. This makes it easier to breathe when you first enter the vehicle. Blocking direct sunlight also prevents you from burning yourself when you touch the seatbelt, steering wheel and gear shifter.


Prevent sun damage

Like this inexpensive reversible windshield cover it can also be an effective tool for protecting the interior of the vehicle from UV rays. Though this may seem like it’s a concern only in the summer, damaging sunlight is present throughout all seasons.


Protect your electronics

Car stereos and CDs can be damaged by direct sunlight and excessive heat. Touch screens in newer cars are particularly vulnerable in cars that sit parked outside in the sun all day for months on end. A sun shade blocks direct sunlight and helps prolong the life of vehicle electronics.


Increases driver visibility

In the winter, using a windshield cover is the easiest and quickest way to get on your way. Once the cover is removed, driver visibility is optimal. There is no need to wait for the snow to blow away, get cleared away by the wipers, or melt off with the help of the defroster. Winter driving is already a challenge with unsafe road conditions; this is an easy solution to eliminate unnecessary hazards and lower the potential for an accident.



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