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November 13,2021

The wheel arch is an arc-shaped guard plate on the tire, which is mainly installed above the tires of the front and rear wheels of the vehicle. It is a component that can prevent the wheels from throwing muddy water into the engine compartment when it is raining to ensure the normal operation of the engine. It is a vulnerable part of the vehicle and should be replaced in time when it is damaged. As a wholesale wheel arch manufacturer, supplier, exporter, factory, today we mainly introduce wheel arches from various aspects.


wheel arch


Precautions for wheel arch installation


The wheel arches are fixed by buckles or screws. When the wheel arches are removed and reinstalled, it is recommended to replace the buckles. Because the buckle is uniformly disassembled, the tightness will decrease, and it is very easy to cause the wheel arch cover to fall off, causing driving danger, or the wheel arch cover is loose, and abnormal noise occurs when driving.


The wheel arches are equivalent to the mudguards on the bicycles we usually ride. In the case of disassembling the front and rear bars, the wheel arch cover needs to be removed, and it is very easy to damage the wheel arch cover in the case of disassembly. Therefore, this part must be carefully protected when repairing the car.


Material of wheel arch


Wheel arches are usually made of high-quality rubber or engineering plastics, which are very thin composite material. The wheel arch cover is usually installed on a baffle behind the wheel of a bicycle or motor vehicle. The wheel arch cover is installed to protrude about 5cm from the body to effectively prevent flying stones and gravel from damaging the paint surface of the body. The wheel arches of some high-end cars have been specially designed to absorb the noise caused by tires rolling, which can improve the quietness of the car, but the cost of this kind of wheel arches is relatively high. Please pay attention to the middle and low-end cars in normal use, the wheel arches are relatively easy to damage, try to avoid this from happening. If the wheel arch is damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately. The cost of replacing the wheel arch cover is relatively low, because this accessory itself is relatively cheap. If the wheel arch cover is damaged, you don't need to buy original parts for this part, just buy a product of relatively better quality and suitable for your car. Because the wheel arch cover will not affect the safety factor and maneuverability of the car, of course it is not necessary to use original parts.


Can the car wheel arch cover not be installed?


The wheel arch is an indispensable part of the car and must be installed. If the wheel arches are not installed, rainwater and sand will directly contact the engine and cause a certain amount of noise when the vehicle is running. Although the car arch cover is a plastic product, it has a very strong hardness and is basically undamaged if it is not damaged by external forces.