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November 12,2021

As for people who are usually carrying goods, they have the demand in storage boxes, also well known as trunk box for pickup. But it is not a easy thing to install the trunk box on your truck. We are going to introduce the steps of produce trunk boxes and install them.


trunk box for pickup


Measure, then design trunk box


When determining a vehicle bed, auto trunk or trailer inside, see to it to measure and make notes on wheel wells, long-term device boxes, spare tires and also any other attributes that might prolong into the storage area. You don't wish to develop an excellent custom-made unit as well as have it not fit.


The personalized truck bed doesn't just have to fit the truck, it also requires to fit devices and various other materials. Lay out all the tools and various other products to be kept, and procedure bulkier products. Utilize these dimensions when creating the storage unit so everything will certainly have a snug home and also items won't change significantly when the vehicle remains in movement.


Strategize a scale drawing of the truck storage system, based upon the dimensions for the vehicle bed and also the main items to be saved. Enable added space to handle new tools and also other purchases.


Build the shell and cabinets for the storage space unit, in addition to wing boxes for additional storage space. Set up some small cabinets to deal with tiny products, after that paint the whole system.


Build the truck trunk box


The vehicle box will include long cabinets separated and also supported by upright divider panels, flanked by "wing boxes" with smaller drawers. Utilize a table attended rip one sheet of plywood to the measurements for the vertical divider panels from the layout illustration.


Cut sheets of plywood to the measurements for the top as well as base of the box. Lay out one sheet, meticulously gauge and also break chalk lines as guides for the vertical supports. The divider panels need to be spaced apart by the size of the cabinets plus 1/2 inch.


Line each upright divider panel up with the chalk lines and attach using wood adhesive and 2-1/2" drywall screws.


When all four divider panels are affixed, lay out the framework so the divider panels are sticking up. Very carefully position another sheet of plywood in addition to the divider panels and also secure it in position with 2-1/2" drywall screws. This produces the networks that will hold the drawers.


Build the wing boxes


Make use of the table saw to rip smaller items of 1/2" plywood for the wing boxes that insinuate next to the major vehicle box.


Put together the wing boxes with wood adhesive, using a nail weapon to tack the plywood into place.


After the boxes are developed, put together the cabinets using wood and nails. Slide the cabinets into the wing boxes to examine their fit.


Install the truck trunk box


Usage drywall screws to connect the wing boxes to the primary box, as well as push the whole device into area. Use galvanized L-brackets to screw the device to the vehicle bed. Rub paste wax along the runners under of the cabinets and slide the drawers right into the storage device (Image 1).


Screw small metal braces to the ends of the upright divider panels so they overlap the drawers a little. This will certainly maintain the drawers from sliding out when the tailgate is down; rotate the braces off the beaten track to open the drawers (Picture 2).


To help weatherproof the cabinet system, reduced a vast strip of rubber lining to cover the cabinets completely as well as overlap the top of the system by concerning 1 foot.


Placement the rubber lining and nail it to the system making use of roof covering nails. Drive a nail regarding every 6 inches. The liner will certainly keep water and particles off the cabinets, but will certainly turn up for easy accessibility. Lay a pre-purchased vehicle bed liner on top of the box. Pick a liner that covers the whole system.


Keep in mind: Make certain the rubber liner is in the "down" placement over the cabinets before placing the vehicle bed liner in position. Otherwise, it could be entraped under the bought lining.


Use L-brackets to affix the purchased vehicle bed liner to the vehicle.


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