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November 13,2021

After car owners have tried slim wheel fender, you will find it difficult to get rid of it. Because it has too many benefits. So, what are the materials of slim wheel fender. 


wholesale slim wheel fender

wholesale slim wheel fender



Slim wheel fender can also be called wheel eyebrow. It is available in stainless steel and rubber, and the front and rear wheels are the same. The wheel eyebrows are mainly equipped for decoration and the individual needs of the driver; at the same time, the wheel eyebrows have the effect of reducing the drag coefficient.


The wheel eyebrow is not an indispensable part of the vehicle, and will vary according to the design concept of the car manufacturer.



The wheel eyebrows are divided into snap-on type and stick-on type. The buckle is relatively simple. The clip hooks the flanging and inserts into the wheel eyebrow to fasten. The stick-on type needs to be simulated first to check whether it is consistent and tight.



The wheel eyebrows are mainly equipped for decoration and the individual needs of the driver. At the same time, the aerodynamic wheel eyebrows also have the effect of conforming to the fluid mechanics and reducing the drag coefficient.

1. Nice look. Especially for black, red and other non-white cars, the wheel eyebrows have a certain visual effect, making the body look lower.


2. Anti-scratch. The places where the car scratches most frequently are one in the front and the other in the hub. In terms of personal experience, several small scratches, thanks to the wheel eyebrows, reduced the number of touch-ups.


3. Protect the body. Prevent rainwater and sand from being rolled up by the wheels and splashing on the car body in rainy weather, damaging the paint.


Installation suggestions: The wheel eyebrows should be embedded, preferably not nailed, at least apart from the damage paint, it will not affect the body.


How to deal with the scraped plastic front wheel eyebrows of automobiles

The easiest way is that we can design and create by ourselves or buy repair stickers to cover the scratched slim wheel fender. This is the most cost-effective way. You can buy this universal car carbon fiber pattern universal wheel eyebrow online and stick it on the wheel eyebrow, which can not only hide the scratches but also play a protective role.


Use scratch repair paint/self-spray paint/pen

Matte plastic parts (such as wheel eyebrows, front and rear bumpers, etc.) can be used. You can purchase a repair solution of the corresponding volume according to the scratch area. Generally, the repair solution of about 150ml-200ml can repair 1-2 sheets of A4 paper. , Suitable for repairing large-scale scratches larger than 400ml.


How to deal with the scraped plastic front wheel eyebrows of automobiles

Clean the part that needs to be repaired. You can scrub with water or alcohol. After the water is dry, use sandpaper to smooth it. The number of sandpaper is determined by the depth of the scratch. Generally, the deeper the scratch, the smaller the number of sandpaper used ( Generally 800 mesh or 2000 mesh, 800 mesh sandpaper is coarser)


Wrap the other parts that do not need to be repaired with newspaper, and spray it with self-painting. At the beginning, spray a little less, and spray several times. Every 5-6 minutes is the best. Cover layer by layer. Spray 3-5 times. You can tear off the newspaper after it is dry.



wholesale slim wheel fender


Ask a professional to repair

We can't handle the things we can't handle. If the above methods are not applicable, we can only spend a little money and ask professional artists to repair them. They have special equipment to polish and polish the wheel eyebrows of our cars.


Replace with new

There are many serious scratches, it’s better to get a new one. We buy wheel eyebrows from the slim wheel fender manufacturer,supplier,exporter,factory online or go to the local auto parts city to buy the normal wheel eyebrows that match our model, and then drive to repair it.