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November 12,2021

The roof rack is the basis for adding all self driving equipment. In life, we will call it roof cross bar, roof luggage rack and car luggage rack. With the roof rack as the foundation, we can combine our roof rack with other products, such as the fixed rack of bicycles, canoes and skis, so as to carry more special equipment and enjoy our enthusiasm. We can also choose the extremely safe roof box and the spacious roof basket to accommodate special items. However, can you use the roof rack correctly?


roof rack


First of all, find out the installation mode and type of roof rack on your current car


Why say this first? This problem is very critical. If you don't understand, the consequences will be unimaginable. Roof rack generally refers to the roof luggage rack. As the name suggests, it can hold luggage, bicycles, surfboards, etc. Therefore, this thing needs to have a certain load-bearing and fixed capacity.


At present, there are three installation methods for models on the market.


The first type: it is pasted with strong adhesive, which is common in low-end SUVs or self installed later. This type is very unreliable. Some are indeed beautiful, but there is almost no way to fix and load. Moreover, due to frequent car washing, wind and sun exposure, the viscosity of the glue decreases over time. When driving at high speed, if there is a gap in the front, when the relative wind speed reaches a certain degree, this luggage rack will fly out of the roof and insert directly into the front bed glass of the following vehicle like a sword, which is very dangerous. It is recommended that you do not choose this kind of roof rack.


The second type: later installation, screw fixation. It is common for car owners to buy after-sales boutiques in franchise stores or install boutiques in auto repair shops. This kind of luggage rack is indeed more reliable and stable than the previous one, and can also bear load. However, because it is not the original factory configuration, the reliability and durability cannot be compared with the original factory. It is easy for water to enter the vehicle, resulting in rust or water leakage of the roof steel frame. It is also not recommended that car owners buy and install such luggage racks.


The third type: standard configuration of the original factory, fixed with screws. This kind of luggage rack is generally a trustworthy product after strict durability and reliability test by the manufacturer. The tightness is also good. Generally, there will be no water leakage or rust. It is suggested that car owners should also choose this kind of car when choosing a car.


In addition, the original standard luggage rack (also known as longitudinal rail) is also divided into three types.


  • The first is arch bridge type (divided into bipedal support and tripod support).


This kind of longitudinal rail is the most common. Most of them are fastened with nuts at the front and rear ends of the roof, and the middle arch bridge. It is very easy to install a transverse luggage rack on this kind of longitudinal rail. If you don't want to install a support, it's OK to fix simple luggage with rope.


  • The second type: close fitting.


This kind of longitudinal rail is also more common. It is completely attached to the roof and has beautiful streamline. After adding transverse support, the height is lower than that of arch bridge longitudinal rail.


  • The third type: card slot type.


There are few models used for this longitudinal rail, and the height of this longitudinal rail is lower than that of the above two longitudinal rails.


Secondly, select a suitable transverse support.


If you want to put a bicycle or car trunk on it, it is not enough to rely on the longitudinal rail alone. You also need to buy a transverse support. When installing the transverse support on the arch bridge longitudinal rail, it is necessary to measure the distance between the front and rear in order to install the bicycle frame in the future, and then fix the support on the longitudinal rail according to the method in the manual.


The installation method of close fitting longitudinal rail is similar to that of arch bridge longitudinal rail. Bolts are used to fix the buckle on the longitudinal rail, but the buckle structure is also different due to different longitudinal rail structures. Pay attention to the correct type when selecting, and check the operation manual of the support during installation. It is generally simple and convenient.


The installation support of grooved longitudinal rail is relatively more complex than the above two longitudinal rails. A set of buckle base needs to be installed, which is cumbersome in operation. It is recommended to be installed by professionals.


After installing the transverse support, if you want to put the bicycle on it, you should also buy a bicycle support. Similarly, like the transverse support, it is fixed by front and rear screws.


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