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November 13,2021

After buying a new car, what other external accessories will you buy? Do you spend a lot of money and buy a lot of unnecessary things? After reading this blog, I believe you will spend the least money to buy the most worthwhile car external accessories.


car exterior accessories


Not recommended series


  • Safety belt buckle


Some drivers, thinking that they often drive in remote places, think it is very troublesome to tie the seat belt, so they buy a seat belt buckle and insert it there. Not to mention that the buckle is easy to damage the seat belt holder, the key is unsafe. Seat belts are life belts and must be fastened.


  • Center console trim


Some girls like to put some lovely dolls on the center console, and some elderly uncles put some Buddha statues. Will it interfere with the line of sight? Let's not say. When an accident occurs, the air bag explodes, and these things instantly become a killer mace. Including when we install tire pressure monitoring, the central tire display module cannot be placed above the airbag in the center console. And perfume, aromatherapy. In a word, please leave the position on the airbag in the center console blank.


  • Inverted mirror pendant


During driving, the less interference can be caused to the driver, the better. Many times, accidents are caused by a small distraction. With a sudden brake, these pendants will swing around and interfere with the driver.


  • Steering wheel cover


In particular, the furry steering wheel cover may improve the feel of the steering wheel. But when suddenly hitting the direction, it is easy to slip and fall off the chain at the critical moment.


  • Car cover


If you have a particularly big demand and plan to do more than ten or twenty minutes for each collection and release, you can buy it. It's useful, but it's too inconvenient to use, and it's troublesome to fold after use.


  • Small round mirror of rearview mirror


Practice more observation before lane change to ensure that there is no car in the dead corner. It is much more reliable than this small round mirror. Originally, you should look at the large rear-view mirror when changing lanes. If you stick a small round mirror, you don't know which one to look at, which distracts your vision and attention.


  • Air conditioner cleaning agent


Don't think you can clean the air conditioner with a few simple sprays. The really dirty place is in the ventilation duct and evaporator. Spraying at the air outlet when it is dirty will not solve the problem, and the fan may be damaged.


  • Ventilation seat cushion


Firstly, if your car has a side airbag, it may affect the airbag ejection. Secondly, the noise is large and the quality of the seat cushion is general, which affects the comfort of the seat.


Must buy series




The products to be installed are highly recommended, in addition to preventing porcelain from touching. At the critical moment, it can reduce unnecessary trouble. Several factors should be considered when purchasing dash cam: the video format must be above 1080p, the night vision effect is good, the wide-angle is neither large nor small, and the stability should be high.


👉Tire pressure monitoring


People who don't realize the importance of tire pressure monitoring may be thinking that this thing can give early warning in case of air leakage. This is already very important. In addition, after the tire pressure monitoring is installed, the tire pressure is usually too high, too low and uneven. Tire pressure monitoring is divided into built-in tire pressure monitoring, external tire pressure monitoring and OBD interface tire pressure monitoring. There are some cars with high configuration, which will be brought out of the factory.


👉Activated carbon bag


Although the adsorption capacity of the carbon package is easily saturated and needs to be replaced frequently, this is a low-cost and effective method. Some big brands of activated carbon bags will add sepiolite, diatom mud and other components to enhance the adsorption effect. In addition, the most effective odor and formaldehyde removal method for new cars is exposure. Open all the windows and doors in the sun and the smell will disappear in a few days.


👉Car mat


Silk ring footmats are popular in China, and many car owners will choose to be surrounded by them. When choosing a mat, consider the material, fit, whether there is peculiar smell, whether it has been cleaned normally, whether it is troublesome and so on.


👉Mobile phone holder


Whether your car has built-in navigation or not, it is recommended to equip it with one. Sometimes it's convenient to read a message at the traffic light.




It is necessary for emergency parking. The new car will come with it. It is recommended to prepare one more. Especially on high-speed, putting one more in advance has a much higher safety factor. It is recommended to buy one with enhanced reflection, which has good reflection effect at night.


👉Vehicle mounted inflation pump


The car goes a lot on the road, air leakage and binding are very normal. Prepare an electric inflation pump on the car and don't panic in case of air leakage. At the very least, it can cheer up and support the car repair shop.


👉Car charger


It is normal that the USB port of the original car is insufficient, and the on-board charger has almost become a necessity.


Recommended purchase series


🔸Viscose remover


It's really annoying to clean up the stickers. It is recommended to buy a bottle of viscose remover for easy handling.


🔸Glass flooding agent


When driving in rainy days, the visibility of front and rear windscreens and inverted mirrors is greatly reduced due to the irregular fall of rain. After using the water repellent, the water drops fall quickly without staying, and the clarity will come back at once.


🔸On board emergency power supply


The battery is dead. It's troublesome to find someone to get a lift. Sometimes the car is parked in a bad position, and it's difficult to find someone to get a lift. Always have an emergency power supply, and you are not afraid of battery power loss. When purchasing emergency power, don't buy those messy small brands.


🔸Door opening warning sticker


This kind of product is mainly to tell the people behind or coming car that your door is open. Those battery cars that need to be vigilant most are those that run rampant. Put up warning stickers to protect others and make yourself less trouble.


🔸Umbrella storage barrel


An artifact is necessary in rainy days to avoid wet seats and footmats in the car.


🔸Folding storage box


Car trunk is also a mobile glove box for many people. The trunk with large space is occupied by various small objects. It is not easy to put luggage when it is small.


🔸Car Purifier


You often feel that the air inside the car is bad and you’re afraid of big air pollution outside when you open the window and open the external circulation. At this time, you need to be equipped with an air purifier in the car. In addition to purifying the air, you can also remove formaldehyde.


🔸Locking automatic window rising module


Please ignore the original car with its own locking window. If it does not have this function, it is strongly recommended to install it. Even if you say you won't forget to close the window, you have to be suspicious and tested every time you lock the car. It's a bit like obsessive-compulsive disorder. After installing the automatic window, you will find that simplicity is so beautiful.


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