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November 12,2021

Car mirror cover is an indispensable part of a car, no matter what material the car headlight is, the mirror cover will play an important role. When buying a car, car headlights and lampshades are also important considerations. How much do you know about them? As a wholesale mirror cover manufacturer, supplier, exporter, factory, we will give you a detailed introduction to car headlights and mirror cover.


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Types of car headlights


Halogen headlights: Halogen lights turn yellow. From the point of view of lighting effects, the color temperature of halogen lights is relatively low, resulting in darker light. Normal lighting driving is no problem. The biggest advantage of halogen lamps is their strong penetrating ability. In the case of heavy fog and low visibility in heavy rain, the penetrating ability of halogen light sources is much higher than that of other lamps with high color temperatures.


Xenon headlights: As the brightness of xenon lamps is relatively high, they will be equipped with lenses, so the emitted light is very focused, and the color is different from halogen lamps. The light of xenon headlights is white. The penetrability of the xenon lamp is also good, but there are disadvantages, that is, the lighting is relatively slow, and the halogen lamp is not stable.


LED headlights: LED headlights refer to car lights that use LEDs (light-emitting diodes) as the light source. Because LEDs have the characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption, and long service life, LEDs are widely used in the automotive field, and the principle is basically the same as that of xenon gas. The lamp is similar, the difference is that there is no need for high-voltage ionization, because the positive and negative ions are directly placed in a fixed space, so it is more energy-saving and stable.


What is the material of car mirror cover?


Generally, the materials used for LED lampshades are PC (polycarbonate) and organic glass (PMMA). However, the current LED lampshade is mainly made of PC (polycarbonate) plastic, which is also called light-diffusing PC raw material. Since the LED light source is a point light source, a light-diffusing PC lampshade is used to diffuse the light, so as to achieve the requirements of no glare and high light transmission.


If PC optical materials want to achieve light diffusion effect and have better haze, how should light diffusion agent be selected?


Factors to consider when choosing light diffuser


  1. Choose a multi-component light diffuser. Multi-component light diffusers have different sizes, which can better disperse light and have good haze. The haze of the single-component light diffuser is not as good as that of the multi-component light diffuser, but the light transmittance of the single-component light diffuser is better.


  1. The refractive index of the selected light diffuser material should be different from the refractive index of the substrate, but not too different, otherwise it will cause total reflection and fail to meet the requirements of light diffusion and light transmission.


  1. For high-quality PC or PMMA optical materials, you must choose a type of light diffuser, otherwise the light will be severely covered and the higher light transmittance will not be achieved, which will affect the actual needs.


Advantages of PC mirror cover


PC mirror cover is made of PC raw materials with nano-level light guide molecules, which can make the light transmittance reach 94%. At the same time, the material can be injected into any shape and size through mold design, which is a major breakthrough in the PC lampshade industry in the world today. The PC lampshade adopts a glass spray dome. Because the glass bulb has many defects in the material itself, such as excessive tolerance and fragility, the product packaging cost increases during long-distance transportation, but the key is that the light efficiency utilization rate is too low and the light loss is as high as 30%.


PC lampshade is a light-diffusing PC material, and the light utilization rate of the bulb is increased to 92%, while the problem of breakage and tolerance of the PC lampshade is reduced to a lower level. PC material itself has the advantages of toughness, UV resistance, easy injection molding production, and tolerance can be controlled to 0.02mm.


The main functions of the PC mirror cover are:


  1. Protective effect. The use of PC lampshade can prevent dust and oily smoke from attacking, thereby prolonging the life of the bulb.


  1. Effectively block the glare. The PC lampshade avoids direct exposure of light to human eyes and causes dizziness.


  1. Decorative function. The color of the PC lampshade is reasonably matched with the car headlights, which can make the car more fashionable.