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November 13,2021

Pickup is characterized by both car like comfort and strong power without losing power, and its ability to carry goods and adapt to poor roads is stronger than that of a car. With the further growth of China's urban and rural private economy, the logistics industry in small and medium-sized cities in China is accelerating, and the demand for pickup trucks is increasing day by day. Pickup truckS that are "suitable for both passengers and goods" are gaining more and more recognition in small and medium-sized cities in the second and third tier and rural areas with richer economic conditions.


pickup truck


Purpose of pickup


  1. It can tow an RV


Pickup RV at home and abroad can be divided into two categories: one is body RV and the other is Trailer RV. Some pickup trucks have powerful off-road features. Foreign pickup trucks can tow heavy trucks with a load capacity of 70 tons. It's no problem to tow other models. They are full of brutality.


  1. Act as an engineering vehicle


Pickup truck has inherent versatility and versatility. It can play a powerful role in rural, urban, forest, mining area, road and bridge construction projects.


  1. As a military vehicle


Pickup truck has been an indirect "killer" on the battlefield for more than half a century. It can be said that wherever there is war or conflict in the world, there are pickup trucks.


  1. It can be used as a van


There are not only double row seat van pickup trucks, but also single row and one row and a half seat van pickup trucks, derivative rear cargo compartment closed van pickup trucks (hatchback or folding). The biggest feature of its appearance is that the rear cargo compartment is separated from the cab and fully closed, extending naturally at the same height to make the whole vehicle integrated.


Precautions for refitting pickup


  1. Body color


Generally, when refitting, car owners cannot choose three colors: red, yellow, upper white and lower blue. Red is special for fire fighting, yellow is special for engineering rescue vehicles, and upper white and lower blue are special for national administrative law enforcement.


  1. Exhaust pipe noise


When the owner is driving on the highway, the straight exhaust pipe should be the first choice, but its voice is also the coarsest. The encouraging roar is absolutely blowing, which can not only attract the attention of passers-by, but also attract the attention of traffic police and environmental protection workers, which may be suspected of violating environmental protection laws and regulations.


  1. Trinkets


Many car owners are used to getting all kinds of small things in the car. However, the lack of these small things during driving will bring a lot of trouble to the car owners.


  1. Horn and light


The bright light looks good, but it will bring trouble to the owner, because the state has regulations on the change of vehicle light. Don't change the turn signal and headlamp into blue bulbs or blue and white flash lights just to dazzle.


  1. Reserved circuit


It is not recommended to refit the circuit and waterway of the finished RV. If refitting, you must find an experienced water circuit master. And many finished RV customers are strictly prohibited from changing the water circuit privately.


  1. Rational modification


when purchasing modified equipment, we should comprehensively consider whether the equipment is suitable for our own RV model. Don't place an order blindly. If we find that the power is too large or the size is inconsistent, we will waste money in vain.


  1. Pay attention to the annual inspection


It is very important to consider the annual inspection if you want to make a major modification to the appearance of the RV. Either you can pass the annual inspection, or you can restore the modified part during the annual inspection, otherwise it will be a very troublesome thing to fail the annual inspection.


  1. Reasonable time


It is recommended that the owner reasonably arrange the rhythm of RV modification. Many RV entrants wantonly add various configurations after buying the car. After using it for a period of time, they find that some configurations are useless and reduce them. Although this is a very fun process, it will also put pressure on your capital and time.


  1. Technical exchange


Before refitting the RV, we must carefully consider and deliberate again and again. It is recommended to find senior RV refitting predecessors to learn and communicate, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to your car.


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