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November 13,2021

With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for cars. Many people buy cars not only to transport goods, but also think they can go out for fun. Pickup trucks are not only limited to transport and transport goods, but the pursuit of their power and off-road performance has also become a trend. But off-road vehicles are also good to go out for fun. What is the difference between off-road vehicles and pickup trucks? Which is practical?


off-road pickup


What is the difference between an off-road vehicle and a pickup truck?


The off-road vehicle and pickup truck are non vehicle body (with girder). The engine and gearbox are installed on the girder and then installed on the upper shell. As long as the rear trunk is added with a high roof, the through space of the pickup truck is an off-road vehicle immediately. The torsion stiffness of the non load-bearing body is very high. The front rear drive layout is better than that of the front drive. Even if it is only the rear drive, it is also very good to add the differential lock. The rear drive + differential lock car really has the ability to get out of trouble.


Which is practical?


  • Application characteristics


Off-road vehicle is a kind of vehicle specially designed for off-road. It mainly refers to the off-road vehicle that can be used on rough ground. The main features are non load-bearing body, four-wheel drive, high chassis, high horsepower and thick and solid bumper. Off-road vehicles can not only adapt to various road conditions in the wild, but also give people a rough and heroic feeling. In cities, many people like to drive off-road vehicles.


Pickup truck has the dual characteristics of household vehicle and commercial vehicle (both passenger and freight), and has the characteristics of unit and household tool vehicle; Secondly, its structure is diversified to meet a wider range of needs (double door or four door, long cargo compartment or short cargo compartment, two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, gasoline or diesel engine). Compared with cars and off-road vehicles, it has the advantages of carrying capacity, and compared with light trucks and micro trucks, it has the advantages of safety and driving comfort.


  • Vehicle characteristics


From the perspective of models, the positioning of off-road vehicles is off-road, emphasizing trafficability, reliability and stability. Several standard configurations of off-road vehicles, such as non load-bearing body, front and rear hard axles, powerful four-wheel drive system and mechanical differential lock, as well as super large approach angle, departure angle and passing angle, are designed for off-road.


Besides pickup trucks, although most pickup trucks are equipped with 4WD system, they also have reliability. But more focus on pulling goods, or such as American pickup truck traction. Moreover, the wheelbase of pickup vehicles is generally longer than that of off-road vehicles (excluding those special two door pickup vehicles) and the departure angle is relatively small, which is a disadvantage in off-road vehicles.


  • Vehicle wheelbase


However, some people say that the shorter the off-road wheelbase, the better. This is not necessarily true. In some narrow places, such as deep V-grooves, shell pits, etc., short wheelbase has certain advantages. However, in some specific cases, the long wheelbase of pickup trucks has advantages, such as when climbing steep slopes or when the roll is too large, while the center of gravity of pickup trucks with long wheelbase is more stable when crossing steep slopes, while vehicles with short wheelbase are easy to roll over.


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