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November 13,2021

Many car owners will choose a suitable foot mat for their car. For many people, the foot mat plays the greatest role in preventing the carpet from getting dirty. In fact, the role of car mats is far more than that. The car foot mat seems to be an insignificant thing, but because it is closest to the accelerator, brake, clutch and other positions of the car, if the foot mat selection is not reasonable, it is likely to affect the braking efficiency and people's lives.


foot mat


Function of automobile foot mat


First, protect the original car carpet.


Ensure that there is not too much friction and damage, and improve the visual effect in the car to make it more beautiful. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle and a set of high-grade car mats can improve the interior taste of your car to a higher level.


Second, increase driving comfort and safety.


The first is comfort. The foot mat provides a buffer zone between the feet and the vehicle chassis, which can reduce the shaking of the feet during driving. Just like an air cushion under the feet, the feet will be more stable and comfortable; The second is safety. Generally, fire retardant is added to the components of foot mat materials, which can effectively block the combustion of open fire and cigarette butts. At the same time, the anti-skid effect of the foot mat also contributes to the safety and stability of driving.


Third, sound insulation and shockproof effect.


The automobile foot mat can reduce the noise generated by the chassis and tires to a certain extent, and has a certain buffer effect on the vibration transmitted from the body to the feet.


Fourth, water absorption, dust absorption and decontamination.


Generally speaking, most of the water stains, dust and sundries inside the car are brought into the car by the sole. The foot mat can effectively absorb the dirt on the sole and prevent the residual water and dirt on the sole from sliding with the brake and accelerator. While avoiding potential safety hazards, it also reduces the possibility of environmental pollution and interior damage in the car, and protects the owner's health and the "health" of the car.


Material of automobile foot mat


At present, there are many kinds of materials used in automobile foot mat, including polyester fiber, artificial leather, silk ring, rubber, XPE, etc.


  • Polyester


Advantages: good wrinkling and shape retention, high strength and elastic recovery ability. It is firm and durable, wrinkle resistant and non ironing, and does not stick to hair.


Disadvantages: it is difficult to clean.


  • Artificial leather


Advantages: soft texture, durable, not easy to nature, high safety, easy to clean, good anti-skid and waterproof.


Disadvantages: it is easy to harden and slide in winter. If the quality is not qualified, the smell is very heavy.


  • Silk ring


Advantages: it has super elasticity, no deformation and no combustible components. The automobile foot pad can alleviate foot fatigue, increase driving pleasure, and has natural and permanent antifouling and waterproof functions.


Disadvantages: the silk ring has a strong ability to hide dirt. After sewage and dust are stained on the foot pad, it is easy to enter the inside of the foot pad, so it should be cleaned frequently.


  • Rubber stopper


Advantages: water resistance, corrosion resistance, shock resistance and sound insulation.


Disadvantages: if the quality is not qualified, the taste is heavy.


  • XPE


Advantages: environmental protection, strong tensile strength, stable chemical properties, not easy to decompose, odorless, good elasticity.


Disadvantages: compared with the silk ring, the adsorption capacity of dust and dirt is weak.


Style of car foot mat


At present, the main styles of car floor mats are full surround, semi surround and carpet.


🔸Full surround


Full encirclement refers to the ability to completely cover the suede of the original vehicle, including the vehicle threshold, with the following characteristics:


The side wall is higher to protect the original flannelette in an all-round way;


Beautiful and fashionable, simple and generous, and give full play to the natural function of sound insulation and dust prevention of the foot pad;


The special anti-skid texture on the surface and the special anti-skid structure on the bottom solve the problem that the foot pad is easy to move.


🔸Semi surround


Semi surround refers to the part that can cover the original vehicle, but does not include the vehicle threshold. Compared with the fully enclosed foot pad, the difference is that the semi enclosed protection range is not as comprehensive as the fully enclosed, but the installation, cleaning and disassembly are simpler. Other functions are basically the same.


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