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November 12,2021

Driving in the dazzling sun is not a simple thing for drivers. It not only causes damage to on-board electronic products, but also avoids the aging of interior car supplies. In addition, for the health of car owners, external ultraviolet rays are also harmful to the body. Sun visors have become necessary for many car owners to travel, but we still need to know more about sun visors.


sun visor


Is the car sun visor useful?


The sun visor is usually placed at the front windshield and rear windshield of the car to achieve the effect of heat insulation by reflecting sunlight. So, is it really useful? How useful is it? As like as two peas of the 2 cars are being tested, one is placed on the sun shading board and the other is not exposed. The sun temperature is exposed to 2 hours in the hot sun. The temperature difference between the two vehicles is measured every 15-30 minutes. Many tests have shown that the temperature inside the car will climb from more than 30 degrees to more than 50 degrees after exposure, while the temperature of the car without sunshade is about 3-6 degrees higher than that of the car with sunshade. However, when we sit in the car at 40 or 50 degrees, it is estimated that we are already too hot to distinguish the temperature difference of those degrees. In other words, the sun visor can not completely block the rise of air temperature in the vehicle.


Then do we still need to use sun visors? The answer is yes, it’s necessary. The sun visor can resist the direct sunlight to the vehicle central control and steering wheel, which can effectively delay its aging. Of course, it is no longer necessary to grasp the hot steering wheel.


Material selection of sun visor


At present, the largest number of automotive sun visor materials on the market are aluminum film PVC materials. Aluminum film materials can effectively reflect light. At the same time, the PVC bubbles inside can play a certain effect of isolating heat energy. Therefore, the size of aluminum film and the thickness of PVC material determine the effect of its use. Therefore, when buying this kind of sunshade, try to choose the enlarged and thickened one, and the effect is certainly better than the ordinary one.


Color selection of sun visor


Many female car owners love to buy colorful sun visors. However, different colors have different degrees of reflection and refraction of light. Black, red and some warm shades of sun visors are not recommended. Black is the most heat absorbing and is better if not used. It will have a certain reaction. The recommended colors are blue, green and white.


The car sun visor shall be used at the front and rear


Many times, car owners will cover the sun on which side, so that the effect of shading will be greatly reduced. Because the reflection of light is everywhere, the effect will be better if it can be matched with side block.


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