wholesale Ford wheel fender manufacturer,supplier,exporter,factory

November 13,2021

Among auto accessories, the one that people most easily overlook is the wheel fender. Many people think that car fenders are useless, but when you encounter rain, or when you often drive in concrete recesses, you will notice that the fenders are still very useful. So what exactly does the wheel fender refer to? What functions does it have?


What is the Wheel Fender?


wholesale Ford wheel fender manufacturer,supplier,exporter,factory


The wheel fender is a plate structure installed behind the outer frame of the wheel. It is usually made of high-quality rubber material, but also uses engineering plastics. The wheel fender is usually installed on a metal baffle behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.


Various Types of the Wheel Fender


There are many types of wheel fenders on the market, including rubber wheel fender, plastic wheel fender and painting wheel fender.


Rubber wheel fender


The rubber wheel fender is mainly used to block mud and sand from splashing when driving on road vehicles. It is generally a pure rubber product. Rubber wheel fender has good aging resistance and is often used in the rear of various vehicles.


Plastic wheel fender


Plastic wheel fender is a fender made of plastic. It has the advantages of low price and high hardness. The disadvantage is that it is fragile.


Painting wheel fender


Painting wheel fender is a fender sprayed with paint, which is actually the same as a plastic fender. But its color and the perfect integration of the body make the car more beautiful as a whole.


The Functions of the Wheel Fender


  • Extend the service life of auto parts


Everyone knows that there is no paint on the bottom of the car, and the muddy water has some corrosive effect, which will cause rust on the car's tie rod or ball head. And the car with wheel fender can avoid such a thing well, and increase the service life of the tie rod and the ball joint.


  • Reduce the number of car washes


Most of the dirt on the car is spattered on the body due to the rotation of the tires, and the wheel fender can well avoid some stains caused by rain or wet weather. In normal times, it is possible to wipe the car with a rag to keep it clean, which effectively reduces the number of car washes.


  • Car wheel fender can increase the overall aesthetics of the body


The wheel fender prevents some dirt from splashing on the car body, causing the car body to be unsightly;


  • It can prevent mud from splashing on the tie rod and ball head to prevent rust;


  • The wheel fender can protect the car.


When the car is running, the pebbles in the tire seam will easily break off the exterior paint of the car, but the wheel fender can protect the car body well.


In short, if you want to maintain the beauty of your precious car, it is best to install a wheel fender on the wheels. If you are looking for a wholesale Ford wheel fender manufacturer, supplier, exporter, factoryr, we look forward to being your choice and will provide you with attentive service and high-quality products.