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November 13,2021

How to provide more advanced sense in inside decoration as much as possible under the established cost budget? And do you know what materials are used for the inside decoration of your car? Seeing is not necessarily true. In fact, the materials used in the high-end car inside decoration you see are very general.


car insider decoration


With the increasing richness and improvement of the demand level of Chinese people's cars, after the appearance design, the importance of inside decoration is becoming more and more important. Now when automobile manufacturers launch a new model, they all hope to create a sense of high-grade or even luxury in the inside decoration. However, due to the limitation of cost, ordinary cars cannot be like luxury brands such as Rolls Royce Bentley piled expensive materials or used manual grinding process.


Then, in the non super luxury models purchased by ordinary consumers, how to provide more advanced sense in the inside decoration as much as possible under the established cost budget? And do you know what materials are used for the inside decoration of your car? These are the common materials loved by consumers and skillfully created by inside decoration designers to give you a high-grade and luxurious feeling.


Plastic lined material


Many times, we judge the inside decoration of a car by the touch, that is, the comparison between the commonly known "cheap hard plastic" and "soft material". How to make the inside decoration softer? In addition to a large number of wrapped leather, a large number of plastic lined materials are undoubtedly the most suitable scheme.


In fact, it is not a new material that consumers are fond of. It is still a kind of PVC or TPU powder. It is cooled by a specific mold, and then cooled to form a hollow manufacturing process. It usually fills the foam in a hollow place, so it feels soft. When evaluating the car inside decoration, many people like to knock on the top of the center console or the edge of the door panel. The soft touch provided by the plastic lining material can quickly establish confidence in the inside decoration design. Using the new process and large-scale effect, suppliers have gradually reduced the price of plastic lining materials. Now it can be widely used in many independent brand models. It is really a good choice to quickly improve the inside decoration quality.


Chrome plated / matte


Just like the appearance design, in the design scheme to get rid of the sense of inside decoration cheapness, it is best to use chrome plated or matte metal materials for the positions of buttons, stops, air conditioner vents and door handles. Compared with those flat plastic parts, they are fully covered, just like the comparison between Apple 4S made of metal and Nokia plastic straightener in those years, which has become a work of art, one is still a cheap industrial product.


Chrome plated or matte metal materials can quickly light up the mediocre inside decoration, provide a very intuitive "texture", and win the hearts of consumers in terms of delicacy and hierarchy. However, it should be noted that large-area chrome plating or matte metal parts are not desirable. Proper embellishment and ingenious sublimation are the places that most test the skill level of inside decoration designers.


Carbon fiber / piano baking paint


The carbon fiber inside decoration was originally a standard configuration to promote the sense of movement in super running. In fact, it is made of composite fiber with high carbon content and has very high tensile strength. In addition to creating a stronger visual impact, the purpose of the application of a large number of carbon fiber materials on super running and performance vehicles is to reduce the body weight and improve the structural strength of the body. This high-tech carbon fiber material has long been the spokesman of sports, advanced and performance. Now many automobile manufacturers like to use it as an embellishment element. More and more ordinary riders also like to stick carbon fiber stickers on the central control panel to increase the "feeling" of the inside decoration. Some also stick carbon fiber stickers on the engine hood to highlight the visual charm of "performance vehicles".


Piano baking paint is a transparent curing paint layer formed by unsaturated polyester PE high gloss paint through high-temperature curing method, which has good performance in gloss, compactness and stability. Piano baking paint can provide high-grade texture on high-grade furniture and piano panel. Today, it is also widely used in automobile inside decoration design. Only because the piano paint baking panel is easy to scratch and leave fingerprints and oil stains, the quality decreases significantly after long-term use. With the maturity of Chinese consumption concept, piano paint baking seems not very popular.


Leather / Alcantara / Nappa


The use of leather in the inside decoration is no longer the exclusive right of luxury high-end models. The soft touch and special taste of leather make it form a special charm in the inside decoration, which is widely recognized and pursued by consumers. The steering wheel, armrest and other parts are wrapped in leather, which is not a particularly luxurious thing today. Leather materials include cowhide, sheepskin and pig skin respectively, but relatively speaking, cowhide is the most important in automobile inside decoration design because of its durability and good touch. It should be noted that compared with expensive leather, synthetic leather materials are cheaper and easier to process, and sometimes can be confused with the real, which needs to be carefully distinguished.


Alcantara is actually not genuine leather. It is a fiber material synthesized by Toray Co., Ltd. with 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane in the 1970s. It is a synthetic material. It has strong durability, easy cleaning and maintenance, feels like suede, and has the characteristics of fire resistance and skid resistance, which makes it widely used in the inside decoration of racing cars. Now it is also used in BMW Porsche and other models have been applied in the inside decoration, which can bring a strong sense of sports and luxury, but its cost is not as high as that of leather with multiple processes. It may also be seen in more economical models in the future.


In fact, Nappa is not real leather, but it adopts a special leather process. The first layer of cow leather selected by Nappa can show the real texture of leather materials. In terms of varieties, it is divided into grain leather, soft leather and litchi grain cow leather. Among them, grain leather has the best feel and the highest cost, while the cost of soft leather and litchi grain cow leather is relatively low. Of course, in addition to Nappa, Dakota, valonea, Nevada, Hans Reinke, etc. have different names and feel due to different leather selection standards and tanning processes, and the price has been high, so it is difficult to find them in economical cars.


High grade mahogany grain, marble texture decorative strip / solid wood decoration


Massive use of solid wood decoration is a must for high-end models to enhance the sense of luxury. However, this luxury taste has begun to extend to economic models, but considering the cost, real solid wood is not selected. For example, in the selection of decorative strips, resin materials can be used to spray imitation marble or high-grade peach wood patterns, which can even feel very "real", It is easy to meet various requirements of designers, and can also avoid deformation, aging and other problems. The cost is also very low. inside decoration designers are very willing to use them to obtain the effect of real solid wood decoration.


Lychee / cowhide / stitching


Litchi grain / cowhide grain / suture is actually a typical "blindfold" in inside decoration design, which is essentially hard plastic. However, by imitating leather grain, the whole center console can look like "full leather coverage", especially the imitation of suture. Although it still feels hard, it leaves a soft and comfortable hint in my heart. Even if he was scolded as ye gonghaolong, this "attentive" design on affordable models can still achieve good results, at least 10000 times better than a bare piece of plastic.


In the case of limited space and cost budget, automotive inside decoration designers almost exhausted all their efforts to find these excellent soft and hard materials to meet the definition and feeling of the high sense of inside decoration in the hearts of consumers, as well as the high pursuit of functionality and environmental protection. With the development of the times and the continuous progress of technology, I believe that more excellent materials will enter the vision of designers in the future.


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