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November 12,2021

Automobile headlights are also called auto-sensing automatic headlights, which are equipped with a photosensitive control system for the headlights. The principle is that electronic components such as light-sensitive response resistors send electronic signals to the ECU to tell the ECU to turn on or off the headlights and change the distance and the light. When we encounter a sudden dark environment when driving, the headlights will automatically turn on; when the light is sufficient, the ECU will send an electronic signal to automatically turn off the headlights. Car headlights are very important, and sometimes they can even save our lives. Therefore, car head light covers are indispensable.


Car Head Light Cover


Why is car head light cover important?


The car headlight glass cover is equivalent to a combination of a lens and a prism. When driving at night, the driver must not only see the road conditions ahead, but also see the pedestrians, road signs, forks, etc. on the roadside. Lens and prisms have a refraction effect on light, so the lampshade, through refraction, disperses the light in the required direction according to actual needs, so that the light will evenly and softly illuminate the road and the roadside scenery on the road. At the same time, the astigmatic lampshade can also make part of the light micro upward refraction, in order to illuminate road signs and milestones, so as to ensure driving safety.


What is the material of the car head light cover?


The material of automobile lampshade is generally high-grade polycarbonate (also known as PC resin), because polycarbonate material has the advantages of high hardness, high toughness, high strength, good light transmission, and UV resistance. As the eyes of the car, the car lights must meet the above conditions.


The car headlight cover must meet the following requirements:


  • Good impact resistance: able to withstand the impact of jumping up gravel during driving;


  • Good light transmittance: play a role in lighting;


  • Good weather resistance: prevent deformation and aging in harsh environments such as wind, sun, rain, etc.;


  • Good stability: can not be deformed under long-term lighting;


  • Good processability;


Why are the car headlamps designed as horizontal and vertical stripes?


Although the direct light is very bright, if the car headlights are also designed like this, although the front can be seen clearly, the roadside vision is not clear because of the strong light in the middle, which is very detrimental to driving safety. Therefore, the lampshade of the headlight has the current horizontal and vertical stripe design. The purpose of this is to change the direct light emission, better scattering and refracting to the front.


However, the design of horizontal and vertical stripes is not achieved overnight. The improved design starts from the frosted bulb, which weakens the dazzling effect of the light through astigmatism, so that the driver can clearly distinguish the surrounding environment, such as the branch road to the left or the right, curb, etc. Later, someone replaced the frosted bulb with a frosted glass lampshade. However, the astigmatism of the frosted bulb and the frosted lampshade occurs not only on the side and front of the car, but also on the top, so a lot of light is wasted.


Now, a glass lampshade with horizontal and vertical stripes is used, which is essentially a combination of a lens and a prism, which has the function of refracting light and dispersing it in the desired direction. Therefore, after the car is equipped with this kind of lampshade, the headlights can evenly and softly illuminate a large area of the car's forward direction. At the same time, the lampshade of the headlights is specially designed so that a small part of the light is refracted slightly upwards and on both sides, so as to illuminate road signs and street signs.


In addition, the increase of horizontal and vertical stripes can also increase the firmness of the lampshade, which is not easy to break, and is more practical and beautiful!


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