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November 13,2021

Have you ever heart wheel fender? I think most of people don't know what the wheel fender is, except for people working on the garage. It is an important accessory of car, which is installed over the wheel just like the eyebrow of the car. The wheel fenders can be divided into the general type and the special type for specific cars such as isuzu MU-X wheel fender for isuzu.


 isuzu MU-X wheel fender


What's wheel fender?


Automobile wheel eyebrow refers to the bright strip plated on the upper edge of the tire, that is, a semicircular component protruding from the fender on the upper edge of the automobile tire. The automobile wheel eyebrow is composed of 1/2 steel plate and 1/2 plastic, and the front and rear wheels are the same. Some people name it as the eyebrow of wheel, so wheel fender is also well known as wheel eyebrow.


What's the function of wheel fender?


The function of wheel eyebrow is mainly equipped for decoration and the individual needs of drivers. At the same time, due to aerodynamics, the wheel eyebrow also conforms to hydrodynamics and reduces the wind resistance coefficient.


  1. Beautify. Especially for black, red and other non-white cars, the wheel eyebrow has a certain visual effect, which makes the car body look lower.


  1. Prevent scratching. The place with the highest frequency of car rubbing is at the front and the hub. From personal experience, several small scratches, thanks to the round eyebrows, reduced the number of paint repairs.


Tips for installation:


The wheel eyebrow should be embedded, and it is best not to nail it, at least except for the paint, which will not affect the car body.


It is generally believed in the industry that the stainless steel wheel eyebrow tires are: 1. More dazzling appearance; 2. Better curve limit. Lost: 1. The acceleration force is reduced; 2. Comfort. In addition, the design with or without wheel eyebrows has little effect on the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle.


Automobile wheel eyebrows are generally divided into two materials, one is stainless steel; One is soft rubber strip.


Stainless steel material of automobile wheel eyebrow:


The product is stable, not easy to deform, and extremely bright, which can make your car have a more cool appearance; It can prevent slight collision and scratching; Installation and disassembly are very convenient, because the stainless steel car wheel eyebrows can be fixed to the car body with buckles, free from punching, so this installation method does not hurt the car body; In addition, the edging rubber can effectively prevent the product from scratching the paint surface of the car body.


Material of soft rubber strip for automobile wheel eyebrow:


The car wheel eyebrow made of this material comes with 3M double-sided adhesive tape, which is simple to install and has the characteristics of high elasticity and no deformation; The most important thing is that soft rubber strip is a general wheel eyebrow, which can be installed in various brands and models; No drilling, no rusting, collision resistance, no falling off, no scraping when washing cars.


The installation of wheel fender




In fact, the buckle-type installation is very simple. Hook the small flange on the inner side with a small clip strip, and fasten it in the installation hole of the wheel eyebrow.




Simulation: Before pasting operation, it is necessary to simulate the installation process of products. Check whether the post is consistent with the post. Whether the 3M glue is close to the attached object, determine the installation position before proceeding to the next step.


Cleaning treatment: Clean dry cloth will be wiped clean on the surface of the sticker, and then scrub the place to be pasted with the treatment agent and soft fine paper. Wait for the treatment agent to be completely dry before installation.


Paste: After the installation position, tear off the corner of the release paper, and paste it while tearing the glue during installation, so as to ensure that all parts of the product can be tightly connected with the posted parts. After pasting, press the product as necessary to make it firm. If the installation temperature is lower than 15 shells, the product and 3M glue can be preheated by air duct. After installation, please do not touch moisture and dust within 24 hours after installation, so as to ensure the best effect.


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