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November 12,2021

Worse than running with one eye closed at night, one of the car's headlights is broken. It may be that the bulb burned out, or it may be that a minor accident damaged the headlights. In addition to the self-evident danger, there is also the possibility that the police may give you a ticket and ask you to go to the garage for repairs. But in fact, you can handle this situation by yourself, and you will definitely save some money. At the same time, through your own efforts to see that the headlights can work normally, you will also have a sense of accomplishment.


chrome black car head light cover



  1. How to change the bulb


Fortunately, changing headlight bulbs is usually easy. Most halogen high intensity discharge (HID) or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs today are easily replaced. This bulb is usually fixed by thin wire clamps or rotating bayonets. They can be easily removed from the back of the headlight housing, and the broken bulb can be pulled out of the mouth and replaced with a new bulb. Before replacing a light bulb, you must first determine the type of light bulb you need. There is relevant information in the user manual of the car.


If you don't have a manual, but you know the brand, model and year of the car, you can also consult the counter staff at the auto parts store, or the headlight search directory that is usually provided in the store. Finally, you can take the broken bulb to the store and find a new bulb of the same model.


  1. How to take out the bulb


You need to open the hood, then remove the bulb connector on the back of the headlight housing, and the headlight bulb will be taken out. Some cars can provide extra space through small hinged or rotating panels in front wheel wells.


However, some tricky car models may need to remove various shields, air cleaner housings and even front window cleaning fluid containers before replacing headlights. That's why we recommend a pair of latex gloves, a flashlight, a flat screwdriver, some sleeves and a pair of needle-nosed pliers.


Old-fashioned square or circular sealed beam headlights are large, but very easy to replace. The screws that hold the metal ring can be easily loosened from the front of the car. But sometimes, you must first remove some front trim panels.


  1. Remember these things about the new bulb


When replacing headlights, it is very important to avoid touching the glass of the new bulb, because natural oil pollution or even a small amount of dirt on the skin can shorten the life of the bulb. A little dielectric sealing grease can be used on the bulb plug and terminal (if the new bulb is not with it, it can be purchased at the auto parts store), which can prevent rain erosion. In addition, do not confuse the headlight adjusting screws with other similar fixing screws.


  1. To replace with chrome black Car Head light cover


If the headlight cap is broken, or the lens level is cloudy, or the housing is accidentally damaged, you need to replace the whole headlight, which is called the headlight housing. These molded housings are clamped or bolted to the metal radiator bracket at the front end. At the rear of the housing are the wires and connectors of various bulbs, which must be taken out completely. Unfortunately, for some models (e.g. Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Malibu and Toyota Camry), the front bumper panel must be loosened or removed before the headlight housing bolts can be loosened.


It is recommended to buy a maintenance manual or at least watch YouTube videos to familiarize yourself with the replacement method of the headlight housing of a specific vehicle. But be careful, DIY videos on YouTube vary in quality and completeness. If replacing the entire headlight housing requires the removal of components such as the bumper housing, you may also need to use slightly more sophisticated hand tools.


The whole headlight shell is generally expensive, even very expensive. However, if you are short of money, it is possible to need a cheap repair, especially if you have a good old car demolition factory near your home. You can buy second-hand (cheap) parts there. You can even find the same car directly there, and then remove the parts you need directly. Such second-hand parts are cheaper.


After installing the good headlight housing, before reinstalling the other parts that have been removed, install the bulbs and test each bulb of the headlight to ensure that the wiring is complete and the function is intact. Of course, the beam irradiation angle and focusing distance of some automobile headlights need to be adjusted. You can try to finish the work by yourself.


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