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November 12,2021

Headlights of cars play an important role in driving. However, after driving for a long time, the lampshade of car headlights will become blurred and yellow with the age of the car, which is actually caused by the plastic loss and oxidation on the headlights, which will affect the light concentration and reduce the driving field of vision. Today we are going to talk about how to main your car light cover and how to sweet away the stubborn stain on the light cover.


Mitsubishi Head Light Cover


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Most of the front lampshades are made of polycarbonate (PC polymer), which can make the lamp shell more durable, but at the same time, it is easy to be oxidized, so that dirt adheres to the lamp surface. If there is no frequent maintenance, the shell of the car lamp will soon turn yellow. Even if you wash the car, you may not be able to wash the yellow part, and it will cost a sum of money to replace the car lamp. In addition to the detergent specially used to clean the car lights, toothpaste, a daily necessities used every day, can also achieve the effect of cleaning the car lamp shell.


Previously, netizens used toothpaste containing baking soda (or added baking soda by themselves) to remove yellow dirt from car lights. As long as the toothpaste is smeared on the yellow and fogged part of the lamp shell, cleaned back and forth with a toothbrush, and finally wiped off with clear water and paper towels, the yellow dirt on the lamp shell will not only disappear without a trace, but also the fogged part will become very bright. Let's try it together.


Step 1 Soapy water


The alkaline nature of soap can help clean headlights and add brightness. It is best to clean cars with soapy water once every 3 months. Doing so can remove dirt and oil stains on the appearance of car headlights in time and prevent your car headlights from turning yellow. The cleaning effect of this method can be as clean as new.


Step 2 Scrub with toothpaste


I believe everyone knows the decontamination ability of toothpaste. Apply a little toothpaste to the car cleaning cloth or soft cloth, and wipe the car lamp glass in circles, especially pay attention to fuzzy or scratched places. Add some toothpaste, then rub it hard, and you will find that the lamp glass is more transparent.


When the glass begins to become more transparent, add more water and toothpaste. Wipe each lamp for 3 to 5 minutes, wash it with clear water several times when it is almost done, and then dry it with paper towel or soft cloth. (The toothpaste used here does not include granular toothpaste, which will scratch the glass.)


Step 3 Remove dirt from car lights


If you find that the headlights are not on, you must check the headlights first. If the lampshade lights are intact and there are a lot of dust stains on the lampshade surface, you can wipe the headlights with a soft cloth first to avoid dust accumulation and stubborn dirt for a long time. When cleaning headlights, you must use professional wiping towels. The texture is soft and will not scratch the lampshade. After all, the shell of headlights is fragile. In the face of stubborn stains, you can remove them with water. Because water is alkaline, it can play a good cleaning role and add brightness to headlights.


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