What Is the Role of Anti-Roll Bar on the Car

June 07,2022

We can often see from racing cars and some professional off-road vehicles they are equipped with anti-roll bar, do you know the significance of anti-roll bar installation and its installation requirements? Roll cage is a protective equipment to strengthen the overall strength of the car, can protect the car in the event of a rollover and collision the safety of the members of the car.


Anti-Roll Bar


What is a roll cage?


A roll cage is a frame structure consisting of a main or side roll bar, a front roll bar, a rear support and connecting parts. The main roll bar must be a near-vertical frame structure or loop that runs across the body of the vehicle behind the front seat; the front roll bar must be similar to the main roll bar, must not block the driver's view, and must be shaped to extend along the A-pillar, while the upper part must be above the windshield. The main or side roll bar and the front roll bar must be made as a single unit, with no attachment points above or below each bar.


The steel used for the anti-roll bar and the degree of torsional resistance are determined by the model, generally to be able to withstand the impact of more than twice the weight of the body. Formal installation of anti-roll bar must take into account the angle, material, etc., can not be installed arbitrarily. So that in the event of an accident, the burden of protecting the body and personnel.