Should The Car Be Fitted With A Fender?

November 11,2021

Everyone knows that the fender of a car is very useful in rainy days, because it can block the muddy water thrown from the wheels, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the car body. However, all the friends who have bought cars may have discovered that almost all new cars leave the factory without fenders. So, is it necessary for us to install fenders on the car?


car fender


What is a fender? Where is it installed?


As the name suggests, car fenders are used to keep mud. It is installed behind the four tires of the car. The front two are fixed on the left and right lower sills, and the rear two are fixed on the rear bumper (this is the case for general models). It is usually made of high-quality rubber material, and some engineering plastics are also used.


Classification of fenders


  • Rubber mud guard


Also known as mud retaining rubber plate; Rubber plate for preventing sediment splashing when highway vehicles (automobiles, tractors, loaders, etc.) are running; Generally pure rubber products can also be made of rubber, plastic and rubber; It has good aging resistance and is commonly used at the rear of wheels of various vehicles;


  • Plastic mud guard


As the name suggests, the fender made of plastic is cheap, hard and fragile.


  • Painting fender


That is, the plastic fender and the painted fender are actually the same as the plastic fender, but the color matching is perfectly integrated with the body, which is more beautiful as a whole.


What are the functions of fenders?


 ✅Prevent muddy water from splashing on the body or people, reducing the number of car washes


The fender can effectively block the muddy water and sand particles that the car is driving during driving. If the fender is not installed, then when the car is running, it happens to be rainy, especially the rear tire, like a water pump, splashing water droplets, causing inconvenience to other pedestrians on the road.


 ✅It can protect the mechanical structure


When driving on the road, you will encounter many different road conditions. When the weather is bad or the road conditions are bad, the road muddy water will be brought up. If there is no fender, then the mud and sand will enter the mechanical structure of the car. For example: muddy water splashed on the tie rods and ball heads causes premature rust.


 ✅Prevent the stones entrained in the car tires from being thrown out


If the car is running at a high speed, the small stones are easily bounced to the surface of the car body, which may cause damage to the car paint. In the slightest, a little paint is scratched, and the car body is directly dented.


What are the disadvantages of fenders?


  • Decrease the overall aesthetics of the car


Many friends feel that after installing the fender, the overall aesthetics of the car will decrease, especially when the black fender is installed on a white or bright color car, it will appear uncoordinated!


  • It will affect the passability of the car


The installation of the fender will reduce the height of the car chassis, and accordingly will affect the passability of the car, which in turn affects the overall performance of the car. (For example, when going up and down steps, the fender may be scratched).


In a word, we recommend that you should install the car fenders. Guangzhou Kaqidun Auto Accessories Co., Ltd is the leading and professional Wheel Fender wholesaler, any interests, welcome to contact us!