How to Check Headlights in Daily Life

March 17,2022

Bright lights are an important guarantee for the driver's driving safety. Under normal circumstances, many car owners only pay attention to the tires, batteries, brakes and other components during the normal use of the car, but neglect the care of the lights. In fact, you should also pay attention to the lights from time to time, which is conducive to driving safety.


4 Steps to check the headlights




✔️Check the bulb


In normal use and routine maintenance, the main driver of the car should pay attention to frequently check whether the night traffic lights, fog lights, brake lights, etc. are working properly. If any blackened bulbs are found, they should be replaced in time.


✔️How to replace the bulb?


Always keep in mind the structure of light bulbs and sockets, and prepare in advance to deal with the occurrence of temporary situations. Among various types of light bulbs, if possible, spare parts for brake lights and direction indicators should be prepared.


✔️Check the lamp dust cover for cracks


If the lamp dust cover is cracked, it is easy to cause rainwater to enter the lamp during driving, and form water mist in the lamp cover. Once the light enters the water, the brightness will be affected, and it may also corrode the circuit plug and cause damage to the light.


At this time, the car owner can open the dust cover of the headlights and turn on the headlights. After 10 minutes of lighting the headlights, the water mist in the headlights begins to disappear, and it can disappear completely after 1 hour. If it disappears, there is no need to worry, but If there is still water mist, it is necessary to go to a professional after-sales service station for treatment.


✔️Manually adjust headlight illumination


If necessary, the owner can use a screwdriver to properly adjust the height of the headlight beam according to the instructions in the car's manual. As a general rule, the right light should be perfectly straight, while the left light should be raised 10cm upwards. It should be noted that the adjustment of the headlights should not be too high, so as not to illuminate the eyes of the oncoming driver.


In addition to the height, the width of the headlights can also be adjusted appropriately. It is recommended that the car owner adjust the beam of the right headlight slightly to the right, so that even in rainy and foggy days with low visibility, the road on the right can be seen more clearly.


When adjusting, the load in the car should not be too heavy or too light, so that the lights can be adjusted more evenly, and it is more appropriate to adjust when one person is loaded.


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