The Development Trend of the Auto Accessories

April 01,2022

As the foundation of the automobile industry, car accessories are a necessary factor to support the sustainable and healthy development of the automobile industry.


In recent years, benefiting from the healthy and rapid development of the auto industry, the development scale and speed of the auto parts industry have been greatly improved. What is the development trend of the auto parts industry in the future?


Industrial Transfer Continues to Accelerate


At present, emerging auto markets such as China and India have become the auto consumption markets with the largest market capacity and the most growth in the world. At the same time, these countries have abundant labor resources, low labor costs, and continuous improvement in labor quality.


With the increasingly fierce competition in the international auto parts industry, to develop emerging markets, auto parts companies have begun to accelerate their industrial transfer to China, India, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions.


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Globalization of Auto Parts Procurement


In the context of global economic integration, in the face of an increasingly competitive market environment, the world's major parts suppliers have adopted a global procurement strategy while focusing on their core business and advantageous business.


New Technology Development of Auto Parts


The development of new technologies for auto parts presents the following main trends:


The depth of development continues to deepen


Increased generalization and standardization of components


The electronic and intelligent level of components is improved


Lightweight vehicles and parts will become the future development trend


Clean and environmentally friendly technologies will become the commanding heights of future industrial competition.


At Last


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